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Location Rhoda (159,152,28)

Dogland Park, Rhoda

Dogland Park is SL's Independent dog park. Not owned by a business, this park serves owners of every make of sl dog and pet. We sell SL's Original Virtual Dog, D&D Dogs, as well as D&D Dog Avatars. There are shoulder pups from various makers, and Fully Trained VKC dogs that have been relocated , and they sell for costs below what they charge anyplace in SL. Supplies, and well scripted toys that function with VKC and other dog makes are available at no cost, as are our weekly classes. This is home to all 3 lines of Dogland Dog, SL's fastest growing dog of choice among residents. We are proud supporters of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. There are attractions all over Dogland, fishing, sailing, Hot Air Balloon Tours, artwork and so much more. Join in our daily hunts for fantastic pets, and pet related items. See you there!

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SL Location:Rhoda (159,152,28)