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Location: The Forge (58,57,490)

MCM System

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MCM System

By far the best combat system available in secondlife. I am very excited to present this new system and I really hope that the community enjoys our hard work. I also want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging over the long wait for MCM 8. 0
Here is a quick idea of some of the new features:
100% re-scripted and re-balanced weapons.
100% re-scripted mechs.
8 new mechs.
7 new weapons.
New Hud interface.
New Weapon-Hud communication (no more auto detaching weapons).
Colored Hud buttons with weapon status and ammo.
New Experience gain system.
Kill Bonus XP.
New Meter Core (Less complex, faster).
Unified weapons engine
Share-able hardmounts
New weapon slots.
Perk Tree
New Movement Engine. and more
MCM the defacto mecha combat system.
Check it out on youtube or the SL showcase page.

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SL Location: The Forge (58,57,490)