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Location: Kernow (190,176,34)


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Kernow is the home of avatars Aimee Trescothick and Trinity Dechou. The island features some of Aimee's pinpoint building work in Second Life such as the renaissance style gallery building which is based on a real life mausoleum in North East England. The driveway lined with trees leads you towards the old dis-used boathouse building and with it visitors can participate in some fishing overlooking the naturally planted mini island which offers residents a place to spend time to gather their thoughts or share with another. For adventure seekers there is a challenging skydiving launcher/ game in place which demands you land on a small platform which has been launched out into the bay area of the island. Explorers are welcome to wander and find some hidden gems on the island which includes a hidden cave and a sky high shooting gallery.

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SL Location: Kernow (190,176,34)