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Location: The doorway (68,60,1501)

Bit Brick Houses

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Bit Brick Houses

Houses for all land sizes. Sophisticated designs and the best features. High quality finishing and textures for the best possible experience in your second life.

- The best features, best textures, all land sizes
- Low prim, Easy set-up with rezzers
- Copy and Modify permissions
- Access control, Tintable Windows, Lockable doors, lights, colorable walls, menu interface.
- Realistic water in pools - pools with steam and bubbles effects
- Controllable Fireplace

- Rezzed Houses in-store! Walk in and test before you buy!
- Free Size Testers! - You can make sure the house fits your parcel before you buy!
- Reseller kits are available!

SL Location: The doorway (68,60,1501)