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About SLPano
SLPano URL: create | manage

About SLPano

  • Expose your SL location to anyone: even to visitors without SL viewer installed!
  • Consider SLUrls useless for web banner advertising? Use SLPano URL and create the 3D View of your club, store or office!
  • Spread words about your services and upload screenshots!
  • SLPano allows to save the location link to browser's and online bookmarking services.
  • It's FREE (except you order a panorama shooting)

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More info about SLPano

SLPano is a Second Life teleport linking service which exposes SL location to web visitors without launching SL viewer:

  1. Location name, description, web links
  2. Screenshots and images
  3. 3D view* of your location in-world

* 3D view is a interactive view which allows your visitors to take a look at your location. It's not a real-time view, but it looks really amazing - check the examples listed at the right.

How does the SLPano URL look like?

SLPano URL looks like this:

You decide which name to take while creating the SLPano link in your profile. SLPano URL is free and life-long.

Is it similar to SLUrl?

Yes, it works in the same way, but allows you to expose much more info to your visitors. You can use SLPano URL while advertising your SL business using web banners (at XStreetSL, SLUniverse or wherever else).

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SLPano 3D View

SLPano 3D View is a panoramic interactive image exposing your location. It greatly improves the impression of your business!

3D view is a 360-degree spherical panorama. Viewing panorama does not require any software installed. This gives web user a unique possibility to immediately see how does your location look in SL.

3D View Examples

The links to the most recent 3D view are shown below:

Click the logos above to open 3D view of some companies who use SLPano.

How to order 3D View?

Create your SLPano URL, login to "Manage SLPano URL" page and order us to create the 3D View.

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Create your SLPano URL

To create your SLPano URL, register your business at SL Business Directory. The registration is completely FREE:

  • Specify your location name and text description.
  • Set your website URL.
  • Upload screenshots and images.

All changes become available at SLPano immediately!

Uploading a 3D view

3D view is a most exciting SLPano feature! However, it needs to be prepared by a professional.

We can shoot and compose the 3D view for you for a small fee (by the price of three cups of cofee).

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